About Us

Built around the concept of being “the only sakana-ya (fish restaurant) in all of Roppongi Hills”, we are a fish diner where guests can enjoy a drink along with dishes that use fresh seafood delivered straight from the fishing harbor daily. We offer 4 types of set Japanese meals for lunch, and staples such as robata-yaki kushi (fireplace-roasted meat on a stick) and mushi-ryouri (abalone food) for dinner. The 六(“Roku”) in Rokuzo is the Japanese character for 6, which also shares the same meaning as the 六(“Ro”)in Roppongi Hills, where the restaurant is located. Meanwhile, the character 「蔵」(“Zo”) means to store something valuable over a long period of time. The restaurant was given this name in the hope that customers will continue coming to us for great food in the years to come.

Food Concept

We offer our recommended daily menu by displaying the day’s freshest catch from all over Japan starting from Uwashima in Ehime Prefecture and Geda in Shizuoka Prefecture in a box for display to guests. We then explain what these are and prepare them in a manner fit for the ingredients at hand. Our recommended regular menu includes robata-yaki kushi and mushi-ryouri, exquisitely roasted to bring out its best flavor. We also have other dishes that showcase a variety of flavors available, such as skewered fish and Rokuzo original fish dishes. On top of that, we also have Japanese shochu that’s hand-picked to guarantee compatibility with the seafood menu.

Interior Design

Our store has a calm and relaxed modern Japanese atmosphere with different types of accommodations such as tables, booths, and counter seats to suit your needs. We have a kotatsu-equipped private room that can accommodate up to 24 people and a bar counter perfect to meet-up for light drinks before a meal.


  • Sakanaya ROKUZO Roppongi Hills

  • Phone:03-3423-1166
  • E-mail:rokuzo@wondertable.com
    • Addres:
    • 5F Roppongi Hills West Walk 6-10-1
      Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0074
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